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Minecraft developers have always been enthusiastic about creating original and exciting entertainments for us. Now the absolutely new version of the title is already available and no Minecraft fan can miss it because it is a true hit – an AR version of your well-known title played for a million of times before. The title is free and can be launched on any type of mobile device you have. You may remember Pokemon Go, the first viral AR title that became popular all over the globe and popularized the idea of AR titles among the wide public. Sure, it was a great event and something that brought pocket monsters from distant 90s back to life. However, this time, we expect an even greater hit. Think about it – Minecraft already has so many fans across the globe and they will definitely join the game right after the launch. Can you imagine those millions of people of all ages, coming out of their houses, holding mobile phones in front of their eyes and immersing into fantastic augmented reality? Want to join them? Sure you will. Indeed, the community gathered by Minecraft with different skins is enormous and when the entertainment comes to the real world, something in the game industry will surely change.

Now everything is the content. There is no such thing you cannot turn into a piece of digital reality when you play Minecraft Earth. Still, the experience of every player is going to be absolutely unique, just like the real life we all live. While AR is something similar to a real-life simulation, it takes more and more features and uses it in a very unique manner. So now you can sit at home creating a new building in your Minecraft game and then take it out to the street and project in in front of your friends’ eyes! Not only the title is focused on creating, but also on sharing – maybe, the most interesting moment of the game is the one when you and your fellows share your results and think about some common building ideas to implement in life as a team. Collaboration is everything here, because despite the fact that you can do everything on your own and reach incredible results, only collaborative work will bring something really unique. You and your palls have a potential to build a new world and live there as much as you want, isn’t it a dream all children have always had?

In this title, you will build in accordance with the previous mechanics, so the principle is the same. You will need to use the same resources and algorithms to create certain buildings, just like you did before. Also, you will meet all the old friends – mobs – from the previous parts. However, the developers also have someone new to present! For example, it is a piglet, a new character, who really appreciates playing in muddy pools. So the overall look of the game stayed loyal to the design of Minecraft and players, who already know the series well, will really appreciate that the spirit of the series has been saved.