New Minecraft

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The greatest hit of the gaming world is already on the run, will you join? Of course, you will, because this is your favorite title ever – Minecraft that goes AR. Years before that, Minecraft was attracting millions of players from all over the globe. Children and adults found something really unique and exciting in this simple blocky world, where you can give freedom to your creativeness and have fun. Collecting sources, you had a chance to meet some unusual creatures and animals, who could either become your friends or enemies. Then you could pet some or fight the others to get coins for building and weapon. Next, the sources you have collected were perfect for building. So castles, houses, bridges, and everything else appeared on the screen and you were projecting them yourself. The other valuable part of the series is that developers left a room for communication between players, so many game fans were able to find like-minded people and get new friends.

In the AR version, you are going to perform the same actions, but why not? They were always amusing! Only now you can get different experience due to the newest gaming technology – augmented reality. Are you read to see your amazing castle made of digital blocks right in the park near your home? Or maybe you want to meet one of the mobs somewhere on your way from school? Create your amazing projects using a comfortable small scale. Add details and build it from all sides as you want. Next, take your phone somewhere to the open space and enlarge your creation to real size! Have you ever thought of creating real blocky objects? Now you can do that! Try this title and we believe that you will want Minecraft universe to stay around you forever! This is a real hit and you are welcome to join now!