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If someone asks you to name a list of the most popular and beloved titles of the last decade, then we are sure that Minecraft would be in the top of your list. And as we know, there is a great tendency for such popular titles – they never fail to gladden the public with something great on the regular basis. While the developers have already launched a number of amazing and various titles, some of which are adventurous and the others – educational, they still have something to amaze us with. While it is already a very strong project with millions of fans of all ages from all over the globe, the new product will surely attract even more of them. This time, you will see your favorite title in the format of augmented reality, which allows fictional world and your habitual environment mix. What will you get as a result? Surely an absolutely fantastic world around you!

What makes AR so great? Of course it potential to provide users with a feeling of absolute immersion. You have a chance to interact with digital objects just like there are physical and can be found and played with in your room or at the street. What is more, AR technologies increase the level of communication between players. As you know, Minecraft is hardly focused on socialization, so the developers promise to make it a multiplayer, where you will easily act as a team together with your friends or simply people from the server, who are interested in collective work. Can you imagine how great this might be, when millions of players are ready to play together with you on the server? Indeed, we must admit that this one is a new blockbuster and a real hit of AR market that will certainly get a great number of fans the amount of which will increase and increase. This is something that gaming industry really needs, while the game already has a great number of fans and they will totally enjoy the new version. As a result, they will learn on practice how great AR titles are, which will popularize this playing format among large public. That’s great and we are encouraging you right now to play Minecraft Earth on our website for free!