Minecraft Pokemon GO

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Ready for something really exciting? Well, then you are at the right place. It’s great that you have found this page, because we announce the killer-title and the most incredible AR experience in the world – Minecraft Earth and invite you and your buddies to try it now. All developers realize how powerful our mobile devices are when it comes to the potential of augmented reality. They have already entered the area of mass gaming digitalization of the world and you must be familiar with such an application as Pokemon Go. It has attracted incredible interest and the gaming community were amused by the brand new approach. However, it is hard to say that this title was a real AR one. It didn’t really change the reality, but placed some small elements of the digital to the habitual environment. Everything is quite different with Minecraft Earth. It has much more to present.

First, you will be able to create any kind of Minecraft construction in your room. To do that, you will use a convenient scale developed to let you see the creation from all sides and add details or change it the way you want. At this stage, you can call your parents, siblings or friends to join the process, because the game allows and even encourages team experience. This is a great chance for you to have fun together and to create something really great with your united capacities, because when you do that as a team, the amount of options always grows. Next, you can take your phone with a building inside of it and go out. Then just find the place to project your creation and see it in a large size! This way, you can locate your buildings anywhere you want to. The developers have also prepared some new creatures to gather – there are those that you have already met before in the classical versions of Minecraft as well as brand new ones, those that were created specifically for this part. Resources you gather can be later used for your building, while the buildings that you make can serve as houses for your creatures! Isn’t it a perfect harmony and a great field for your creativity? We bet that gamers of all ages will fall in love with this title and won’t be able to leave their house without switching it one and placing themselves to a parallel universe of a blocky Minecraft world. And here are the best news – this masterpiece and incredible entertainment is already available for you to check out. Try it out on our website right now – it is free!