Minecraft In Real Life

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You must have already seen those attractive teasers that depict a new version of Minecraft that has been brought to the world of augmented reality. We have great news for you – now you can not only look at the trailers and other stuff, but you have a chance to experience this amazing entertainment yourself. We have already uploaded this title to our site because we strive to deliver the best new titles to you as fast as possible. So, why should you try this one out? The reasons are pretty obvious. It is a super-modern and well-planned title, where you will experience the best of Minecraft. You will use the building materials again to create various buildings, wander across the map, gather stuff, meet creatures, fight, survive, and more. Also, the developers have implemented a number of exciting mini-adventures in the process, so a slight touch of storytelling is also waiting for you. The world here is extremely interactive, you can go almost anywhere in any direction, play with almost any object you find and use it for your own needs. Building, like always, is not restricted anyhow – the craziest and the most unusual ideas will be easily implemented in life due to a wide range of different materials available for players in Minecraft in real life.

Some gamers compare this title to Pokemon Go, because it is a mixture of reality and digital world. However, when it comes to possibilities opened by Minecraft, it is absolutely clear that it wins over any other AR title of that kind, including the one about pocket monsters. It is more variable, deeper, and advanced. If you are a real fan of the series, then you must have been dreaming to live in that blocky world and find it everywhere, no matter where you go. We are glad to inform you that today your dream comes true – this is exactly the feeling you will get from Minecraft Earth. Ready to dive into the fantastic world? Don’t waste your time and do it now!