Minecraft Earth Update

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Imagine your everyday routine. You are walking home from school and see a bush. This bush is pretty nice itself, it is so green and well-shaped. However, when you see the same bush every day, this might become boring, right? Now you have something to fictionalize your reality a little bit and give it a slight touch of digital magic. Imagine that bush made in the style of Minecraft – all blocky and shiny! Can you? Well, we bet that it feels great. With this title, you will be able to mix your everyday reality with fictional reality of the game. This is something you cannot miss. The power of AR is incredible and when it is brought to your favorite titles, you really need to try that and experiment with new technologies, so grab your phone and get ready for something you have never seen before!

So letting Minecraft enter your day-by-day reality is an amazing opportunity given to you by the developers that celebrate 10th birthday of the title. This is a great gift that demonstrates all awesomeness of the title and capacities of modern technologies. Do you want to see the creatures from the game that are wandering around your house? Do you want to collect them all and let them live inside of your blocky castle? This is something that will become possible very soon. You can take your phone with installed Minecraft (or launched online) and turn your city into a parallel world, where there are so many amazing things you can explore and gather. From building materials to jewelry – you can get anything in the real-digital world. Also, even if you are perfect builder yourself, it is always interesting to try your skills inside of a team and play with other players to create something even more amazing. Have your most ambitious projects implemented in life! Your friends and we cannot wait to see what you will create! By the way, don’t forget that the lands of Minecraft are inhabited not only by friendly creatures, but also some enemies, so prepare for battles and good luck! If you are already excited to the fullest, then jump into the process now!