Minecraft Earth Beta

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Finally, the time has come to check out an incredible new version of Minecraft – it is an AR title, that has been already released and uploaded to our resource (so you can play it right now!). Some users are comparing this title to AR Harry Potter and Pokemon Go, but we are here to assure you that Minecraft is something completely new and more advanced than all the previous AR titles you have tried before. What makes it really unique is that you are not going to do the same thing here again and again – collecting creatures or fighting with enemies. Still, both these actions are present in the gameplay. The amount of option is really extensive and all of the previous ones – like action, building, and resourcing – are also here. However, something that you won’t find anywhere else is an encouragement to share your experience with others without competing them. Minecraft offers you and other players, be they your friends or people you meet on the server, unite as a team and build together. You should agree that the focus on collaboration is a feature that Minecraft can boast of, while all the other similar titles simply cannot. There you are playing on your own and all commination you can afford is either competition or showing off. Still, Minecraft leaves some room for a small showing off as well – you are welcome to work on your creative projects in small size and then bring them to the wide environment and show to everyone, who would like to see your art in Beta version.

So how the process looks like? You take your phone of other device and go out, walking around your area, looking for building materials, brilliants, animals, and other stuff. It is the same as if you were sitting in front of your computer and playing Minecraft, only now the entire world becomes a source of content. Look at the grass through your mobile screen and see it drawn in the style of Minecraft! A small thing, but how amusing this might be, especially when you are looking for some bright paints to make your world more colorful and unusual. Here is a perfect opportunity to make your everyday walks incredible and fantastic. Want to meet a monster right at the supermarket? Here you go! Want to build a castle on the playground near your house? You can do that now!