Minecraft Earth 2019

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As a gamer, you must have been dreaming of an opportunity to make the world around you a game you are fond of. This is a very common idea for everyone, who loves playing games. What about making the world around you look like Minecraft? Do you want to see a castle right from your window or a pixel-tree instead of the real one? Or maybe you are willing to meet some fantastic monsters on the street of your native town? This is possible now, because you have a perfect AR version of Minecraft, a title known and beloved by millions of gamers from all over the globe. Your smartphone will become a real door to the world of fantasy and lots of thrilling adventures are waiting for you. Now Minecraft becomes really spread around the planet and this is why it has a title like that. If you are thinking that something like Pokemon Go is waiting for you now, then you are only partly right. The main same feature of these two titles is that they make the two worlds – digital and real one – mix. However, you are not going to wander across the streets, trying to find some random pocket monster and catch it to store a picture of it in your phone. Instead, you will be creating constructions whenever you want and changing their sizes to your liking, when you place them to the real world. While most previous AR titles that use mobile devices as tools could offer a set of similar action to do, here you have a real set of various options and activities to try out.

Today, new technologies allow opportunities that were never available before and Minecraft developers take the most of it to please the fans. Indeed, your phone is a powerful tool that can make entertainment even more realistic and interactive. Imagine the number of fans this title has and think about how many cooperative opportunities and new friendship become available to you. This title uses the best of AR and indeed the experience of digital reality here is pretty well-thought and well-done. You can turn everything you see into the pixel object and find some that are not actually present in the real world. However, who cares if they are so great and impressive! Let the cities and towns become digital and see how great it is when you have a parallel universe right at hand. The universe that can be reached by one move of your finger! Isn’t it a new world we all live in? Jump into the game right now and start creating, gathering, and struggling with enemies! This is something you have never experienced before for sure.