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What is the best way to celebrate your birthday? Well, of course, there is nothing better than doing something cool, something you have never done before. This is what Minecraft developers decided to do. They invite you to join an incredible celebration of the anniversary and present a new version of the game, the one that you have never seen before (but you have been definitely dreaming of it for years). It is AR version of your favorite game and an absolutely new experience of the old and well-known entertainment. Just imagine yourself walking across the street with your smartphone and watching the environment through your screen. You will see how it changes and becomes half-digital. For example, the developers promise that you will be able to look for resources for building and various valuable objects like jewelry this way. They will appear right in front of you and you will have to watch your step not to miss a single diamond that lies on the ground! What is more, chances are that you will see various creatures from the game right in the real world. Be aware that some of them are aggressive and you will have to struggle with them (successful fights will provide you with bonus points). The other can become your pets!

Yes, your main actions will stay very similar to those you did before. However, some new and 100% original features will also appear. For instance, you will meet some animals to let them live in the houses you build. You will be able to keep and breed them if you want to! What is more, you will get into various mini-adventures that will get into your way during your searches for materials you gather. The other super-cool feature you will surely like is an opportunity to create your projects in small size. You will build every detail in a comfortable scale, where you can easily reach every angle and see your building from all sides, even from above. Take your time to create a construction and then go out to place it right into the real world. Turn on your camera and see your creation anywhere you want to. You can change and adjust the size to place it anywhere you want. Imagine the eyes of your friends when you will demonstrate your bets projects to them when you are having a walk in park or drink your latte in a cafeteria. What is more, social experience here is valued as much as in an original title. You will be able to find people, who are also fond of the title online and build together with them.