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Hey, Minecraft fans, are you ready for an entirely new universe to discover? The one that goes far beyond your computer or phone screen? The one that spreads itself all over the neighborhood and areas you go to? Well, here you are, this is Minecraft Earth that has its name for a reason – the entire planet can become a content for your game from this moment. Well, now let’s move to the details. We are happy to present an ultimate AR experience in your most favorite adventures around the blocky environment and pixel-creatures. Now these guys are going to show themselves in a pretty new way – they will play with you in your room, at the street, in a park or anywhere else you will go. Carry your Minecraft world with your all the time and change the outside world to brighter!

Yes, you will see the elements and characters of the game right in front of your eyes using your mobile phone. The process of the game is still arranged the way you always loved it – you will wander here and there, getting something to use as building stuff, gathering diamonds, and meeting other players as well as creatures to make friends with (or to fight with if they are not very nice). Despite the fact that this part takes all the best features of AR, things that actually make Minecraft itself are saved by the developers. The pixel graphics and main gameplay features are all present here, so you won’t get lost if you are playing this one for the first time but have previous experience with Minecraft. Time to start building and exploring! Enter the game right from this web page and play it for free as much as you want!