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When large and popular game projects celebrate their birthdays, developers are glad to please the audience with special gifts. The same has happened with legendary Minecraft – a title known by everyone in the world. However, this is not just another part of a famous saga, but a real step forward for a game studio – now they have created a version of Minecraft that comes into our world. Yes, this is exactly what you are thinking about! Now we have this title in the format of augmented reality. Indeed, this one is a perfect option for a technology of that kind. It does make sense after an incredible success of Pokemon Go, which conquered the world just in a couple of days, right? Gamers have already experienced the beauty behind the idea that objects and characters from the fictional world can appear in the one we see every day. Two world mix and players get even more excited.

We cannot say that something changed dramatically in the overall gameplay. Like before, you will travel across the map, looking for some building stuff, creating your amazing things, and meeting various creatures. Some of them are friendly, the others will try to attack you, so you will have to behave accordingly. While we have compared this title with a game about pocket monsters, they are still different. While the well-known one is all about catching pokemons, that appear here and there in different places of your neighborhood, Minecraft shares just one characteristic here. Just like the digital monsters, your creations done during the playing process can move away from the screens and find themselves somewhere in your room, in the park, or anywhere you want. This means that you can create your cool buildings in any size you like and then use your smartphone to bring them to life and display in the real world. You will have to use your camera to make everything work as it was created by the developers.

It is strange to think that Minecraft have already been on the market for ten long years. It’s hard to say, where did that time go, however, this is a unique case when we can observe a title that grows along with the world we live in. Starting from a rough and blocky game for PC, it has developed so rapidly and now we see an absolutely advanced and up-to-date project that uses the latest fruits of modernity. Isn’t it great to observe how such great titles develop and change with time? If you want to witness how does it feel to play Minecraft in an AR environment, then you should try it out right now. We already have a free version uploaded on this page.