Block Building

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The most popular titles of today are moving to the one direction – our world. We mean, that they go either AR or VR and this is a great tendency all gamers appreciate. Now it’s turn for Minecraft to become one of such titles that invade our everyday boredom and make it brighter and more interesting. As one of the most popular titles of the last decades, this one has been expected to become AR for sure. Players were waiting for this to happen and now we are glad to celebrate such an event. So, what are you going to get from this brand new Minecraft version? Let’s see. First and foremost, be calm and safe about the very special style and design it has. Some of you might be frightened by the idea that AR technology is connected with advanced graphics and realism, while the charm or Minecraft surely is that blocky outlook. Again, stay calm – your favorite pixel-shaped graphics will stay at place and nothing will ruin your nostalgic feelings. Minecraft was a pixel-style title for ten years and this is how it is going to stay. Next, the main action options in the game are also the same as they were before. Travelling across the world, finding useful stuff and building amazing things is present as it was. Also, petting animals and fighting dangerous creatures are also included. So, what are the main difference we have to consider?

Of course, the AR technology gives so many opportunities and new Minecraft uses them to the fullest. You are going to display your best creations on the small scale first, adjusting and building them the way you want. Then you are going to present them to your friends if you want to. To do that, you can project them to the environment of our world. Any place will do, depending on the size of your creation. From a small desk to an entire playground! The next significant difference is that Minecraft Earth developers did everything to let players communicate and socialize. This title has always been a place for communication and now you can build entire cities with other gamers and enjoy the fruits of your collaboration together. This is how everything goes at Minecraft – a new and absolutely delightful part of the series that you cannot miss.